Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer Trustee?

It is recognised that people who receive support, tend to have a faster and better recovery rate. Our Trustees have dealt with breast cancer in their lives and are here to provide a range of financial & practical support, but we do need more Trustees if our service is to continue.  

As a charitable trust, we are dependent upon the energy and commitment of Trustees who become actively involved with what we do. Do you have talents or experience in administration, finances, marketing, event planning, customer service, fundraising, grant applications or have you been a trustee/committee member elsewhere before?  Are you a people person and empathetic?  If so we would really appreciate your help.
We are looking for someone who has undergone a Breast Cancer diagnosis and is 18 months post-treatment.  Trustees can support us in a way that suits their skills & knowledge.  As per our Trust Deed, the primary duties are to:

  • comply with the terms of our Trust Deed;
  • act honestly and loyally; 
  • act in the best interests of the trust;
  • treat the Trust’s potential beneficiaries impartially;
  • collectively oversee that proper financial accounts are kept;
  • exercise care, skill, and prudence when carrying out duties;
  • actively advance the charitable purposes of the trust (this means act in a way you believe will benefit, and not harm, the trust’s purposes);

Do you think you can help us to ensure that the Trust continues to run efficiently and compliantly with our legal obligations and deliver supportive services to those who need us? Meetings are generally conducted face to face at the Cancer Society in Whangarei on the first Tuesday of each month (Feb - Dec), 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.  

Your involvement can be gratifying and rewarding so if you are interested in supporting us and are passionate about the goals and activities of the Trust please send us your details using the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

All Trustees are subject to approval by the Breast Cancer Support Northland Trustees and are required to pass police vetting.

Support Volunteers at Breast Cancer Support Northland

Have you been on a Breast Cancer journey?

Are you interested in helping others move through their experience with Breast Cancer? If so, we'd love to hear from you!


Currently, we have a shortage of Volunteer Support People to assist us in providing help and care for those diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We have a particular need in the Far North due to no current representation there. Free training is provided.


To be eligible you must:

  • Have had a Breast Cancer diagnosis yourself and be 18 months+ post-treatment. Be able to maintain confidentiality and keep an accurate record of your client interactions. Also complete a one day Volunteer Support Person training.

Generally, you support one women a month.

Volunteer Duties

The role involves you as a volunteer to be a support and guiding example of how women can cope and manage a breast cancer diagnosis. You will need the ability to relate, understand and have empathy with the fears and feelings that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. You will be there to help verbally and sometimes in person so they can successfully navigate their journey. You will be offering practical and emotional support, encouragement, information, and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.


However, as a volunteer, you do not offer medical or treatment advice, but you can listen and have information on resources available to them.


Volunteers tend to phone, video chat, text, or email their clients. Sometimes it may be necessary to meet a client in a public place for a coffee or go to an appointment with them. The amount of contact is up to you and your client to decide on what's comfortable for you both.


Our aim is to have Volunteer Support contacts/visitors across the region and of various ages and ethnicities so that we can better match a patient with a supporter. Our next training session will be in early 2022, this will give you the confidence and tools for your new role.


All Volunteers are subject to approval by the Breast Cancer Support Northland Trustees and are required to pass police vetting.


Please contact us if you'd like to share your skills and support others.

Share your skills

Do you have professional skills that could help us achieve our goals?  We would appreciate any part time or even occassional help with event management, marketing, admin support, fundraising, grant applications, counselling, catering or hair and beauty specialists.


Do you have some spare time to help us with data entry?


Do you have creative hands and have items we could use in raffles or as prizes at events?


Please contact us if you'd like to share your skills