Donations & Bequests

The Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust is an independent charitable trust since June 2008.  We are registered with the Charities Services NZ, our registration number is CC31788.   


We do not receive funding from the Government, NZBCF or the Cancer Society. So we completely rely on donations from the public, sponsors and special events to support our free support. If you would like to donate, just remember that no amount is too small, every dollar counts and we appreciate all donations!


Donations of $5.00 or more can be receipted at your request and are eligible for a tax deduction.

Make a Donation

Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust. Your donation will allow us to continue our free support to those affected by breast cancer in Northland.  We are registered with the Charities Services NZ, our registration number is CC31788

By Direct Credit / Online Transfer / Bill Pay


Our bank account details are:
ASB 12-3115-0185096-00


You can also donate via Givealittle.



If you would like a Tax Receipt, please go to our “Contact Us” page and note “Donation Receipt” in the subject box of the enquiry form, along with the deposit details. We will reply with a Tax Receipt once your payment has been received.

Holding your own fundraiser

Holding a fundraising event will not only help us financially, but it will also help us achieve our aim of improved awareness and our support services. So show us your support by throwing your own fundraiser.


Whether you want to host with friends, at work or at school, Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust welcomes your support. It can be as simple or creative as you want... A pink mufti day, head shave, selling pink muffins, quiz night... The options are endless.


In June 2023, Liz & Donna held a headshave fundraising and awareness event for our group.  With the help so some other local supporters:- Jeff Oliver Printing, Pak 'n Save and the Kensington Bowling club, they raised over $4,000 for our cause.   We really appreciate their efforts for our much needed resources.



Have you been on the Breast Cancer journey? 

Are you interested in helping others move through their experience with Breast Cancer? If so, we'd love to hear from you!


Currently, we have a shortage of Volunteer Support Persons to assist us in providing assistance and care for those diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Due to no current representation in the Far North, we do have a need in that area. Training is provided. 


To be eligible you must:-

  • Have had a Breast Cancer diagnosis yourself and be 18 months + post treatment.  Be able to maintain confidentiality and keep an accurate record of your client interactions.  Complete the one day Volunteer Support Person training. 


Volunteer Duties

Generally you support one client a month. The role involves you as a volunteer to be a support and guiding example of how patients can cope and manage a breast cancer diagnosis. You will have the ability to relate, understand and have empathy with the fears and feelings that come with a breast cancer diagnosis,  You will be there to help verbally and sometimes in person so they can successfully navigate their journey. You will be offering practical and emotional support, encouragement, information and a shoulder to cry on.


However, as a volunteer you do not offer medical or treatment advice, but you can listen and have information on resources available to them.


Breast Cancer Support Northland Volunteers tend to phone, video chat, text or email their clients.  Sometimes it is necessary to meet a client in a public place for a coffee or go to an appointment with them. The amount of contact is up to you and your client to decide on what's comfortable for you both. 


Our aim is to have Volunteer Support contacts / visitors across the region and of various ages and ethnicities so that we can better match a patient with a supporter. Our next training session is planned for August 2022, this will give you the confidence and tools for your new role.  


Contact us if you would like to help out in any way.


All Volunteers are subject to approval by the Breast Cancer Support Northland Trustees and require police vetting.