Government Subsidies

Breast Prosthesis Service Payment from Manatu Hauora Ministry of Health is a payment to people who have undergone a partial or full mastectomy, either unilateral or bilateral, and/or have undergone a lumpectomy, have congenital needs, or have had reconstructive surgery, as specified by a specialist or general practitioner (GP).

The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing breast prostheses and other related products. The payment can go to either the claimant or the supplier of the product.  You may claim for this service payment if you are a New Zealand citizen, or are ordinarily resident in New Zealand, and your specialist or GP gives you a current medical certificate with your NHI number, that confirms your need for breast prosthesis services.

The entitlement is $613.33 (GST incl) per side for a 4-year period. You may claim any amount up to the total amount of $613.33 (or $1226.66 for bilateral) at any time during the 4-year entitlement period.  For more information on the subsidy please visit The Ministry of Health’s breast prosthesis subsidy.  


The Temporary Hair Loss subsidy from the Ministry of Health may cover the cost of scarves/hats/turbans synthetic wig or hairpiece.

The subsidy is $408.88 (GST incl). If your wig costs more than this, you will pay the remainder. The subsidy can be claimed if you are a New Zealand citizen or Permanent resident. To claim the subsidy you will need a Medical Certificate with your NHI number from your breast cancer specialist or oncology nurse.

The Wigs and Hairpieces Service Payment (WHSP) is administered by HealthPac on behalf of the Ministry of Health and is paid directly to the supplier of the product(s) or to you, if you’ve already purchased the product. For more information on the wigs or hairpiece subsidy please visit The Ministry of Health’s Wigs Subsidy or contact the HealthPac enquiry line: Freephone 0800 458 448.


The National Travel Assistance Scheme from the Ministry of Health is designed to help people financially when they have been referred by their specialist to see another specialist, and need to travel long distances or travel frequently.

The Scheme is administered by Te Whatu Ora who use the NTA policy to guide their decision-making according to the eligibility criteria.

You can read more about the policy and its conditions at:-